Graphic Pre- Press Trade worker at Supersonic Print

Maylands, WA 6051

About the Job

Supersonic print is looking for energetic Graphic Pre- Press Trade worker who can assist with following duties:-

- May work directly with customer to discuss proofs and them as necessary.

- Perform a variety of task to aid in the transformation of image and tests into finished pages and ready them to print.

- Use direct-to-plate system to send text/image directly to a plating system operating computer screen base equipment for scanning, colour separation, colour correction, masking, creative design, combining, imposing, retouching and other processes to transfer copy to film and digital output.

- Carrying out digital and chemical proofing from digital system and negative and positive films.

- Able to work independently and with team in order to achieve meet customer deadline.

- Must be able to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.

- Must have done at least diploma or higher.

- Must be Australian Citizen, Permanent Residency or must have valid working visa.


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