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Thinking about working for yourself? Awesome!! I am looking for people who are focused and big thinkers. People who have a deep desire to create financial success and time freedom and who genuinely want to improve themselves in the process.
You can be your own boss, work from anywhere with an internet connection, phone and computer and work the hours you want.

What does that really mean?

It means that you can work while waiting for your kids to finish soccer training or dance practice and if you currently have a job, work around that too (if you want). It means you do not have to answer to a boss. You are in control of your financial success, so no more awkward conversations asking for a pay rise and definitely no more asking for time off for a holiday or cutting deals so you can take off early on a Friday.
Only life experience is needed as we teach you everything you need to know to run your business. HOWEVER, there are some strict criteria you need to meet....
You must:

1. Have an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for life- No negative Nellys or Neds need apply
2. Be able to follow simple instructions, be willing to learn - Be coachable and actually apply what you learn while showing initiative to try new things
3. Have a strong work ethic and self motivation -  this isn't teachable. You either have it or not
4. Have at least 15 hours per week to dedicate to the business - Yes, it takes time and work, it will not happen magically
5. Have a phone, computer and reliable internet connection - unless you really want to use pigeons and smoke signals.
6. Have a VERY STRONG desire to create financial success in your life. - Note: VERY STRONG is in capitals
7. Be light hearted but professional - don't take yourself too seriously but still give out strong leadership vibes
What we provide:

1. Full training and ongoing support - this includes live online training events several times a week plus audio and video training accessible 24/7. Added bonus me! I am on tap to guide you if you get stuck.
2. A community of like minded people who are focused and driven - You will want to be surrounded with awesome people just like you!
3. A proven and tested system that is simple yet complete - 3 step business system, I kid you not.
4. Help you to identify and establish your goals - What do you want, why do you want it, what are you going to do to get it and how quickly can you get there.
What it is not:

  • NO personal explaining - this includes telling, selling, convincing or any other salesy type talk
  • NO hassling your friends and family - anyone who has been involved with traditional MLM knows how painful this can be. #1 way to have no friends or family left who want to speak to you
  • NO stocking or shipping of products
  • NO staff needed - I can hear managers and supervisors the world over sigh with relief.

    www.antandjolifestyle.com/careerone /
Still with me? Good on you.... If you think you meet the above, apply by submitting an enquiry here or head to www.antandjolifestyle.com/careerone  and we will be in touch for a short phone interview in the next few days.
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